Security Services

Founded in 2013, Annapolis Defense & Security maintains training as the starting point for all of our services. ADS security professionals receive first class training from experience, licensed instructors in our state of the art training facility using cutting edge equipment and techniques. Our staff selection program adheres to rigorous standards of training and professionalism to ensure the highest reliance and peace of mind for our clients.

ADS Security Service is managed by professional staff with decades of military and law enforcement training. This training, experience and understanding of the challenge of addressing the potential threats faced by clients with the need for peaceful and courteous professionals to fit the appearance of the client and their patrons.

ADS offers multiple levels of security services ranging from unarmed and armed uniformed security, plain-clothed security for loss-prevention and low visibility security requirements, through personal and executive protections services. All of our security professionals are trained and evaluated for each role. Each member of the ADS team is chosen through a performance-based assessment program. Through the initial interview, training and final assessment, each member is evaluated by our veteran management team.

Emergency and short-notice security services are available. Contact us today to discuss how ADS can address your security needs. ADS has the staff and know how to satisfy every security requirement:

School security

ADS will provide a specially trained and experienced officer or security team on campus. This officer will serve as a first line response to any threat to the students and staff and assist with developing and implementing security procedures. The resource officer will also provide guidance to the students and parents regarding security both on and off campus as well as to foster an atmosphere of open communication. ADS School Security service include a comprehensive review of the school grounds, a review of all of the school security procedures, an assessment of vulnerabilities.

Long and short-term retail security work

ADS will provide your store or office with a well-trained, uniformed or plain-clothed, and appropriately equipped armed or unarmed security guard for multiple commercial property needs. ADS guards are able to perform store and office perimeter security, reception and entry control services, loss-prevention services, and facility and grounds patrols by foot or marked or unmarked vehicle.

Event security, fun runs, private gatherings, concerts

ADS will provide uniformed and/or plain clothed officers to help maintain the security of any public gathering indoor and out. ADS has experience with managing security for outdoor charity events, parking lot and guest escort services for charity galas, and security for outdoor and indoor parties. The professionalism, discretion, and authoritative presence has contributed to peace of mind for hosts in guests in a variety of environment.

Neighborhood security patrols

ADS has developed a flexible and economical neighborhood security program designed around interactive, security assessment and consultation, community patrols and interaction with local police for home owners associations, property management companies, and concerned neighbors. Patrols are conducted by vehicle and foot with options for mobile and/or static video surveillance and security signage.

Personal security and executive protection

ADS will provide highly trained and professional executive protection personnel for close protection services for a variety of needs. ADS has performed these duties for celebrities, elected officials, and individuals with specific personal safety concerns. These services are available for a variety of terms and levels of threats. ADS will provide an appropriately equipped professional to assist you at your home, business, event, or travel.

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