Firearms Training

ADS considers firearms ownership to be one of the central freedoms of our nation, with this inalienable right comes unavoidable responsibilities. First among these responsibilities is to learn to use the tools with which we work. There is no substitute for training from a reputable and skilled instructor and rigorous training. ADS can provide handgun and rifle training for the beginner through the most advanced shooters. We have trained hundreds of individuals from first-time shooters to military and Special Forces operator. Our training is designed to enable flexibility for the student. Safety and responsibility are the begging and end of all of our training.

ADS can provide training in the following areas:

  • Handgun Qualification License
  • Maryland Wear and Carry Permit Training and Renewal
  • Handgun Basic Marksmanship
  • Handgun Advanced Tactics
  • Rifle Basic Marksmanship
  • Rifle Advanced Tactics
  • Rifle Long Range Marksmanship

We have developed firearms training programs ranging from basic rifle and pistol marksmanship to advanced weapon-craft and tactics for individuals and teams. Training modes include traditional “square range” instruction, dynamic live fire training, as well as force-on-force, non-lethal training. Training includes the full spectrum of applications from self-defense handgun and rifle employment through close-quarters battle drills and team and individual fire and maneuver training.


As a function of our training delivery, ADS is able to provide aptitude and selection reporting for participating trainees to identify additional training opportunities as well as identify opportunities for more advanced or accelerated training opportunities. ADS has developed an instructor mentorship program to immerse more proficient and advanced students in the instruction role to develop embedded instructor resources within the team leadership to facilitate continuous feedback and team development.