Church and Community Security

The ADS Church and Community security training program is intended for for non-law enforcement personnel acting in the capacity of physical security in a church/church community setting. The course structure is flexible and can be scheduled to fit various schedules. The course includes the following components:


  • Security assessments
    • Personnel stations
    • Crowd surveillance
  • Bleeding control training
  • Individual self-defense
  • Restraining of individuals in self-defense (including use of handcuffs)
  • Non-lethal devices (collapsible baton, pepper spray)
  • Handgun training (including wear and carry permit certification)
  • Legal use of force training

Training can be scheduled to fit the needs of all participants. Each session will include an onsite security assessment and review of existing security procedures and strategies and assistance with drafting an revised security strategy. All training will include an aptitude and selection component to ensure that those that enter into the program are most likely to complete the training and able to fulfil the duties for which they are training.