Annapolis Defense & Security was started by in 2013 by Joe Lynch and Aaron Herschman. ADS offers tailored training programs designed to meet the needs of both private citizens, professional security, law enforcement, military, and private industry. It is the philosophy of ADS that an individual will perform only to the best of their training. ADS has adopted the “reality-based” approach to training and incorporating the most current adult-learning techniques in every training offering. These training programs enable individuals to adopt a more informed decision-making process and enhances performance when engaged in challenging situations by adding a level of personal experience not available in a traditional classroom environment.

ADS has developed an instructor mentorship program to immerse more proficient and advanced students in the instruction role to develop embedded instructor resources within the team leadership to facilitate continuous feedback and team development.

ADS is also a NAEMT accredited training organization with training cadre available for clinical, tactical, emergency, and trauma medical services training and certification. A train-the-trainer program development track is available to train instruction and administrative staff to develop an internal training organization for tactical combat/emergency casualty care, prehospital trauma life support, law enforcement/first responder tactical casualty care certification for staff.

ADS private security and investigation services capitalize on our substantial training capacity to develop best in class security and investigation professionals for ever role from retail security, high value target protection, and OCONUS security operations. Our security consulting and surveys are available to assist with understanding points of vulnerability and risk mitigation strategies. ADS has a full spectrum investigation capacity from cyber and accounting investigation to asset tracing, surveillance and evidence collection.