About Us

Annapolis Defense & Security was started by in 2013 by Joe Lynch and Aaron Herschman. ADS offers tailored training programs designed to meet the needs of both private citizens, professional security, law enforcement, military, and private industry.

ADS has developed an instructor mentorship program to immerse more proficient and advanced students in the instruction role to develop embedded instructor resources within the team leadership to facilitate continuous feedback and team development.

ADS is also a NAEMT accredited training organization with training cadre available for clinical, tactical, emergency, and trauma medical services training and certification. A train-the-trainer program development track is available to train instruction and administrative staff to develop an internal training organization for tactical combat/emergency casualty care, prehospital trauma life support, law enforcement/first responder tactical casualty care certification for staff.

ADS private security and investigation services capitalize on our substantial training capacity to develop best in class security and investigation professionals for ever role from retail security, high value target protection, and OCONUS security operations. Our security consulting and surveys are available to assist with understanding points of vulnerability and risk mitigation strategies. ADS has a full spectrum investigation capacity from cyber and accounting investigation to asset tracing, surveillance and evidence collection.

ADS Staff Members


Joe Lynch, Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Joe is a decorated veteran of the U.S. Army Infantry. He spent 25 years prior to founding ADS as a registered nurse gaining countless hours of emergency and trauma care experience in addition to most currently serving a number of stakeholder groups as a researcher and health care quality improvement program developer. As the founding influence of ADS, Joe has a pivotal role in the development and implementation of training programs and various service offerings including advance counter-terrorism and anti-abduction training, tactical medicine training programs, lethal and non-lethal weapons training, and unarmed combatives training.

Aaron Herschman, Founding Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Veteran US Army Special Forces, US Army Infantry, 20-year service record, with multiple peace keeping and combat tours and extensive firearms training and management experience. Additionally, Aaron served for 12 years as a professional firefighter; Aaron has extensive leadership, training, and administrative experience as a non-commissioned officer both in the military and the public safety sector as a firefighter with specialty training in hazardous materials management and personnel extrication. Aaron specializes in business operations; security and investigation program implementation; advanced tactics program implementation; and personnel management.

Dennis P. “Sarge” O’Toole, Senior Vice-President, Security and Law Enforcement Operations

Dennis “Sarge” O’Toole is a veteran law-enforcement officer. Sarge has served in nearly every capacity from patrol officer, arson investigator, school resource officer, detective, and law enforcement instructor. Sage has most recently retired from the United States Secret Service Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy as a Senior instructor. Among his most significant contributions can be counted is an expertise in police tactics, use of force, and a content developer and instructor for USSS/Law Enforcement Active Assailant Response. Sarge specializes in use of force; interview and investigation; and lethal and non-lethal weapons and tactics.

Gary Greco, Security and Intelligence Strategist

Gary is a retired Senior U.S. Intelligence Community Officer with over 30 years of experience in supplying intelligence information in support of the U.S Government’s most senior decision makers and warfighters. He attended the Naval War College for his Master’s degree in International Studies and went to the local University of Baltimore for his Bachelor’s degree in Criminology. Gary currently freelances as a security consultant to the Department of Homeland Security and small businesses with similar interests. His specialties are intelligence and operational security—surveillance, counter-surveillance, interrogation.